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The law and parking enforcement

If you park on land which is privately owned then the land owner, or a person acting with their authority, may place signs on the land for the attention of drivers that use it. It is the driver’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with any parking conditions as, by parking a vehicle there, it may be taken that the driver has agreed to those conditions.

Private car parking companies that are registered with either the IPC or BPA have the lawful right to hold the registered keeper liable for a parking charge where the driver that incurred the notice cannot be identified or is purposefully withheld. This lawful right was introduced in 2012 in England and Wales as part of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (POFA 2012). The right to make the keeper liable is dependent on certain conditions being met.

Debt recovery on unpaid Parking Charge Notices

By refusing to pay a parking charge notice the driver or keeper becomes liable to pay any additional fees that may be incurred once the charge is passed to our external debt recovery team. Our recovery experts work to our strict customer service expectations and have a high level of successful collection rates.

Court judgement and enforcement on unpaid Parking Charge Notices

We work in partnership with Gladstones Solicitors for any legal action. Gladstones are the No. 1 solicitor firm in the UK to specialise in aspects of parking legalities.

Any unpaid county court judgements are then referred to DCB Ltd who are high court enforcement officers as seen on “Can’t Pay we’ll take it away” on Channel 5. DCB Ltd have over 50 years experience in debt recovery and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority & Information Commissioners Office.